Praise for Fortune’s Wheel…

Exceptionally well written…astoundingly well researched

captivating…opened my eyes to a personally unexplored genre.”

had the ring of truth about life after the plague…obviously extensively researched” Amazon reviewer

“...visually descriptive, atmospheric and felt authentic…

So many questions, so many threads – all skilfully tangled and untangled”, “...saturated with expertly researched descriptions which capture the essence of medieval life” Amazon reviewer

Historical fiction at its best! This was a very enjoyable read and very well written. The author certainly knew her subject and had obviously spent a great deal of time in researching. It’s just a shame when I came to the last page.” Jeannette S. (NetGalley)

The sharp contours of dearth and death, social and natural crisis are brought to life through evocative writing. … The author crafts the social world of medieval England with just the right amount of detail.” Amazon reviewer

Carolyn Hughes’s depiction of fourteenth century England in Fortune’s Wheel is rich with detail, yet does not get mired in concentrating on the nuances of the old language. Contemporary dialogue does not take away from the story, but actually makes it a more pleasurable experience as we are allowed to concentrate on the mental images of the world these people lived in.” Dianne B (NetGalley)

fantastically researched and vivid in detail” Amazon customer

Would be a great book for a book group!” Ruth M. (NetGalley)

This is probably in my top 5 favorite books this year…The writing in this novel blew me away! Carolyn has definitely done her research for this book and gives a wonderful spin on history. Overall I give this book 10 out of 5 stars.” Laura H. (NetGalley and 

‘Fortune’s Wheel’ is a very absorbing read, I recommend it strongly to every reader who is interested in the life of ordinary people in the Middle Ages and I would very much like to follow the stories of Margaret, Alice and Eleanor in the second volume.” Barbara S. (NetGalley)

It was refreshing to read this tale from the perspective of three of the surviving women. I feel women are under-represented in historical events… Fortune’s Wheel is an enjoyable novel that highlights the strength and resilience of women to persevere in the worst of times.” Kim W. (NetGalley and

Historical fiction can be hit or miss. Sometimes the author, intent on detailing the historical period loses their way with the narrative. Other times the narrative loses all sense of its time period. This book struck the perfect balance. A gripping, female driven plot, with enough historical accuracy to have me thinking ‘well I never knew that’. Well written, gripping and satisfying. I loved this book.” Kate O. (NetGalley)

The Book Magnet (@thebookmagnet) voted FORTUNE’S WHEEL one of her Top 20 Books of 2017, and said it was “completely intriguing, fascinating and surprising emotional…more please!

…grab yourself a copy and get lost in an altogether different time

“…a promising novel from a debut author. Being set in a fascinating period and centring around some engaging characters… for an insight into a different-to-the-norm period this is a story worth reading as it is obvious that the author knows her period very well.’

“Fortune’s Wheel had been honoured with a Chill with a Book Readers’ Award.”

Silver Medal winner in the Coffee Pot Book Club Awards 2020 for Historical Fiction Medieval. “[the author] has a visceral understanding of what makes history worth reading while having a novelist eye on what makes a book entertaining… I highly recommend.”

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