Praise for De Bohun’s Destiny

I particularly loved this book because of the author’s exceptional ability to construct her world in a way that makes it real – this isn’t a book you simply read, but an extraordinary immersive experience.@Williams13Anne (

engrossing historical fiction…Brilliantly written and researched, this series vividly captures medieval life of ordinary people, their fears and dreams” Amazon customer

…a gripping and well-paced story, with the strongest of characters and some entirely unexpected twists and turns...” @Williams13Anne (

…a brilliantly researched, immersive and fascinating book that really brings the fourteenth century to life”, “I soon found myself completely immersed in the story and I loved the extra little details the author used to help bring the story to life.”, “If you like fascinating, unusual historical fiction you’ll love this book!‎@JoannaLouisePar (

…as the story draws you in, the pages turn with ease and increasingly quickly, and the relationships and setting become as familiar as breathing.@Williams13Anne (

…a very gripping novel presenting fascinating insights into life and laws of the 14th century” Goodreads reviewer

I could not help but keep turning the pages to see what would happen next”, “It really is a ‘good read’” Amazon customer

It’s historical fiction with a focus on the character driven story.@mm_cheryl (

…a riveting story that grabbed me from its opening pages and held me in its thrall to the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and recommend it unreservedly.@Williams13Anne (

Ms Hughes is very good at conveying life in medieval England in all it’s complexities and this book is no exception. This is historical fiction at it’s best!” Goodreads reviewer

…another great addition to the series and I thoroughly enjoyed catching up once again with the people of Meonbridge”,  “In three words: Absorbing, engaging, intriguing    @Cathy_A_J (

Rich language, a great historical vibe, strong characters, treachery and villainy, community and courage – it had everything and more.@lfwrites ( )

Chill Logo READERS' AWARDDe Bohun’s Destiny has received a Chill With a Book Award. “As with A Woman’s Lot, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Interesting and colourful characters, and intriguing storyline. Ms Hughes has an excellent style. I look forward to her next book!” (

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