A Woman’s Lot

What people say about A Woman’s Lot…

“It’s a great tribute to Carolyn’s wonderful writing and her ability to recreate the era and its people that I slipped back in time quite effortlessly, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.” @Williams13Anne

Social, political and familial threads that weave in and out are incredibly absorbing and so convincing”…..“I didn’t so much feel as if I were reading about mediaeval England as actually experiencing it first hand”…..“[Carolyn’s] ability to create a realistic and still totally accessible world is outstanding”…..“a crackingly good read@Lindahill50Hill

“I absolutely adored this book. Readers will find themselves lost in the characters and invested in the outcomes for them. I need book 3 now!” @BrookCottageBks

 “Another fantastic piece of completely immersive historical fiction from Carolyn Hughes…I’ll definitely be at the front of the queue for her next book.” @thebookmagnet

“Authentic, absorbing, immersive” @Cathy_A_J

@Williams13Anne also said A Woman’s Lot was: “A treat for all the senses…totally …true to its time and setting…” and “An excellent, a real page-turner with a strong narrative drive, and plenty of twists and turns, shocks and surprises along the way.”

A bit about the second Meonbridge Chronicle…


How can mere women resist the misogyny of men?

A resentful peasant rages against a woman’s efforts to build up her flock of sheep… A husband, grown melancholy and ill-tempered, succumbs to idle talk that his wife’s a scold… A priest, fearful of women’s “unnatural” power, determines to keep them in their place.

The devastation wrought two years ago by the Black Death changed the balance of society: more women saw their chance to build a business, to learn a trade, to play a greater part. But many men still hold fast to the teachings of the Church and fear the havoc the “daughters of Eve” might wreak if they’re allowed to usurp men’s roles and gain control over their own lives.

Not all men resist women’s desire for change – indeed, they want it for themselves. Yet it takes only one or two to unleash the hounds of hostility and hatred…

A Woman’s Lot is published by SilverWood Books in June 2018.

ISBN 978-1781327883 (paperback) ISBN 978-1781327890 (ebook)

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