Riverdown Books

Riverdown Books, the publishing imprint of Carolyn Hughes Author, operates on a sole trader basis, that is, Carolyn Hughes trading as Riverdown Books.


With the publication of the third Meonbridge Chronicle, De Bohun’s Destiny, I took the opportunity to “rebrand” the Chronicles, with new covers designed by Cathy Helms at www.avalongraphics.org.

In May 2019, the eBook of De Bohun’s Destiny was published and the eBooks of the first two Chronicles, Fortune’s Wheel and A Woman’s Lot, reissued, all with new-style covers. The paperbacks of all three books were published later in autumn 2019.

The fourth Meonbridge Chronicle, Children’s Fate, was published in 2020, and Squire’s Hazard, the fifth book will be published in October 2022.

See the Books pages for more about the Meonbridge Chronicles.