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Set in 14th century England, the MEONBRIDGE CHRONICLES recount the lives of the folk of Meonbridge, both the common people and the gentry, as they contend with what life throws at them. Natural disaster, social disorder, villainy and injustice bring conflict, treachery and death to Meonbridge, but friendship, community and love are also never far behind…

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What do people say about the Meonbridge Chronicles?

“Completely intriguing, fascinating and surprisingly emotional…more please!” @thebookmagnet

“I didn’t so much feel as if I were reading about mediaeval England as actually experiencing it first hand.” @Lindahill50Hill 

Rich language, a great historical vibe, strong characters, treachery and villainy, community and courage – it had everything and more.@lfwrites

“Exceptional historical authenticity, and a thoroughly enthralling story” @Williams13Anne 

Seen a word in one of the CHRONICLES you don’t quite understand?
The Glossary of terms might be able to help!