Fortune’s Wheel

What people say about Fortune’s Wheel…

“The writing in this novel blew me away…a wonderful spin on history”

“exceptionally well written…astoundingly well researched”

“completely intriguing, fascinating and surprising emotional…more please!”

 “captivating…opened my eyes to a personally unexplored genre”

“…visually descriptive, atmospheric and felt authentic….” 

“So many questions, so many threads – all skilfully tangled and untangled…saturated with expertly researched descriptions which capture the essence of medieval life”

The Book Magnet (@thebookmagnet) voted Fortune’s Wheel one of her Top 20 Books of 2017. The Netgalley reviewer (The-Reading-Wolf) who said “The writing in this novel blew me away!” also considered it “probably in [her] TOP 5 favorite books this year”!

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A bit about the first Meonbridge Chronicle…


It is June 1349. In the Hampshire village of Meonbridge, the worst plague in England’s history – which we call the Black Death, but they referred to as the mortality or the pestilence – has wiped out half its population, including Alice atte Wode’s husband and eldest son. The plague arrived only days after Alice’s daughter Agnes mysteriously disappeared, and the search for Agnes was halted when the manor’s tenants were forbidden to leave the village.

Now the plague is over, the village is trying to return to normal life, but it’s hard, with so much to do and so few left to do it. Conflict is growing between the manor – the lord and his officials – and its tenants, as the workers realise their very scarceness means they’re more valuable than before: they can demand higher wages, take on spare land, have a better life. This is the chance they’ve all been waiting for!

Alice understands their demands, but is disheartened that the search for Agnes is still on hold. But when one of the rebels is killed, and then the lord’s son is found murdered, it seems that the two deaths may be connected, both to each other and to Agnes’s disappearance.

Fortune’s Wheel was published by SilverWood Books in November 2016.

ISBN 978-1781325827 (paperback); ISBN 978-1781325834 (ebook)

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