“Staying in” with Linda’s Book Bag

Today, I’m “staying in” with the lovely Linda Hill on Linda’s Book Bag, her wonderful blog all about books… We are chatting about my recently released second Meonbridge Chronicle, A WOMAN’S LOT, and other things… I love the “chat” format and, of course, I always love having the opportunity to talk about my favourite topic, my take on writing historical fiction… 


But when I set up this “chat” with Linda only a few weeks ago, I truly hadn’t expected she would have time to read the book and leave a review. Because I know that she’s a very busy lady, with a mountain of TBRs (books to be read). But she did find time to read A Woman’s Lot and I couldn’t be more delighted, because she clearly loved it!


LBB2In case you don’t know, Linda isn’t just “a” book reviewer and blogger but, this year, she is “the” blogger…

If you haven’t before, do have a look around her website…

But, first, DO read our chat and especially have a look at Linda’s review of A Woman’s Lot at the end of it – it really is terrific…


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